Year after year we have more reasons to talk about gut health. Studies continue to show the links between the gut health in relation to brain health and immune function. Overall, studies have shown that anything that you can do to improve your digestive tract function, the better you are going to feel.

EnzymeGenix by BetterGenix | The digestive system is amazing, but even at its best it can’t be 100% efficient. For example, if our digestive tracts broke down everything perfectly, no oral medication or supplement would have any effect. Also, like many parts of our body, the function of our digestive tract just doesn’t do the same job when we are 60 as it did when we were 15.

This brings us to digestive enzymes and what it can do to help your gut health. In particular, we’d like to mention EnzymeGenix by BetterGenix.

EnzymeGenix is a broad spectrum solution due to its key enzymes and supporting factors. This helps with fat, carbohydrate, and protein digestion.

Who would benefit from EnzymeGenix?  We’ve found that the following tend to find the best results from this BetterGenix supplement:

– Generally anyone over about 45 years of age. (As we age our digestion slows and the rate of enzyme secretion decreases.)

– People who don’t or can’t chew their food well, maybe due to tooth or jaw problems.

– People with unhealthy levels of stress whether that be physical, environmental, or psychological.

– Those who use antacids or acid reflux treatment medications.

– Anyone who eats a lot of fried foods or foods that has been cooked for long periods of time at high temperatures. (This decreases naturally occurring enzyme activity.)

– People with deficient digestive enzyme production for other reasons.

EnzymeGenix can help many who have complex diets or lifestyles. But what does EnzymeGenix contain? Here’s what this supplement contains to help your gut health:

– Lipase enzymes which help digest and assimilate fats.

– Protease enzymes, including bromelain, pepsin, trypsin and papain. These enzymes digest proteins into smaller units such as peptides and amino acids. This leads to better absorption and utilization of the proteins.

– Ox Bile which aids in fat digestion by emulsifying fats in the small intestine for fat absorption. Additionally, Ox Bile and Pancreas Substance are enteric coated to ensure release in the body at the proper digestive interval.

– Amylase enzymes which help breakdown carbohydrates.

– Cellulase enzymes which help digest fiber.

– Betaine Hydrochloride provides a source of hydrochloric acid. This is not considered a digestive enzyme, but it is necessary for the proper function of enzymes

What would happen if you don’t use a good digestive enzyme supplement? That will depend on how well your digestive tract is working. If you have any chronic health problems, it is a safe bet that you have some compromise of your digestive tract. Restoring some sense of balance for your intestines and microbiome will some time and effort but a good place to start is a good, multi-function digestive enzyme like EnzymeGenix. Contact us today to get this supplement added to your daily routine!