Metagenics has come out with a wonderful product to support healthy brain function. Aging is a natural part of our life cycle but no one wants to age prematurely or loose any cognitive function of our brains. CogniSure seems to have an easy solution to some of these concerns.
The Metagenics product is an all natural, proline-rich polypeptide complex derived from bovine colostrum (the first milk after birth). This rich polypeptide complex has displayed numerous mechanisms that support healthy brain aging, protecting against many free radicals. Free radical damage can cause the brain to age more rapidly inducing memory loss and other cognitive functions.
Our brains actually build up with proteins as we age. It’s like our computer is running not as well as it used to because our hard drive needs to be cleaned.CogniSure is the perfect tool to help clear out that protein build-up so the computer (our brain) runs better, faster, more efficiently.

I have started taking this product myself and am excited to share it with all of you!