gluten free supplements

If you see this badge on one of our product pages, it means the product is gluten-free!

A large number of chronic diseases, including Crohn’s disease and autoimmune disorders, are increasingly linked to gluten sensitivity. Research has found one in fifteen Americans are allergic to gluten, and this is the conservative estimate.

The good news is tests for gluten sensitivity are easy to obtain from your doctor or disease specialist. The bad news is that many of the supplements most useful for combating disease are packaged in capsules made with gluten. You can avoid this problem with the gluten free supplements available in our selection.

People with damaged immunity and/or chronic digestive orders often learn to control their symptoms through a modified diet and the use of probiotics. If testing reveals gluten intolerance, it is necessary to assess ingredients in any probiotics, which typically come in capsules. People with inflammatory diseases, such as heart disease and skin disorders, are known to benefit from the use of vitamin D and Omega-3 supplements. Again these are primarily packaged in capsules containing gluten.

Supplements for reduction of symptoms and disease progression, or those for prevention, should be carefully chosen to avoid making the problem worse. If you haven’t been tested, it’s better to be safe than sorry with gluten free supplements.

If you have a known gluten allergy or suspect a gluten allergy, make the switch to gluten free supplements. You may notice an immediate difference in how you feel as well as the effectiveness of the supplements you may be taking.

To learn more about living gluten-free, be sure to check out our gluten-free living resources.

P.S. – At OVitaminPro, you can tell our supplements are gluten-free if they have a gluten-free badge on the product page. If you’re not sure, feel free to give us a call to ask! We live a gluten-free lifestyle and can help you choose the supplement that’s right for you