I just attended an online seminar on supplements and the Covid-19 virus. The most important take away for me was how we need to establish our foundational health principles now more than ever.

In my 35 plus years in consulting clients on their nutritional needs I have never seen the phenomenon I am seeing now. I am used to working with clients who have somewhat of an understanding of their health and a true desire to do better. Most of them take daily vitamins and eat a decent diet.

What I am Seeing

Recently I am talking with people who have never thought a whole lot about their health, who have high blood pressure or are diabetic and have never really taken much more than a multi vitamin they bought at Costco. These folks are scrambling to get Vitamin C, vitamin D or zinc because they have read it can protect them against the Covid-19 virus.

A pandemic is upon us so this is a good time to begin thinking about such things. There is also no time like the present to get on board the healthy immune train! I want to make it perfectly clear that a few vitamins, by themselves, will not protect you from the virus, only a healthy immune system can do that!

Five Foundational Principles

So what are the foundational principles we should be doing all year round?

  1. Good eating habits. Eating mostly organic when you can. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and limiting refined carbohydrates. Staying away from fast and processed foods.
  2. Good sleeping habits. Getting to bed at regular hours. Unwinding reading a good book and not be plugged into negative news feeds and social media.
  3. Spending time outdoors and meditating on a daily basis. Grounding ourselves becomes even more important in times of stress.
  4. Take your daily essential vitamins every single day! Take the basics, Vitamin C, vitamin D3, Omega 3 fish oil and a good multi. I also include things that support glutathione like NAC and Alpha-lipoic acid.
  5. Exercise! Yes, every day, even if it is just walking for 15 minutes. Get up and get moving!