tired manHave you ever heard of Celiac disease?  It’s a medical condition that can affect anyone, though it is usually genetically predisposed.  It is an autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine.

This disease is caused as the result of a reaction that occurs when the body is introduced to gluten, typically found in wheat and wheat products.  When gluten is processed by enzymes in the small intestine, the immune system incorrectly regards the transformed gluten as a foreign invader and attacks.  When the immune system attacks, it causes a great deal of pain.

Additionally, it can also prevent the digestive system from properly absorbing the nutrients from food.  The only known effective treatment is a life long gluten-free diet which requires constant monitoring.  Celiac disease is one of the conditions associated with gluten sensitivity syndrome.  In time, we will feature another post that focuses on gluten sensitivity syndrome.

But there are times when someone with Celiac disease can accidentally ingest gluten.  If this happens, you should consider the use of Glutenflam by Apex.  Glutenflam by Apex is formulated to assist with the digestion of gluten and casein, which are two substances that flare up the pain associated with Celiac disease.  When combined, these supplements can help relieve the pain that comes from the ingestion of gluten.