At, it’s no secret that we’re fans of our furry friends. While we have a doggie mascot (catch his picture on our About Us page!) unofficially for OVitaminPro, we also put a lot of focus on taking care of our pets through nutrition. Supplements aren’t just great for people – they can be just as important in the overall health of our pets.

When we found Pet Naturals of Vermont, we instantly knew it would be a great fit for our store. Not only does this brand showcase complete care for your pet’s health, but it focuses in on natural solutions (rather than pharmaceuticals) to keep our pets living long and healthy lives.

In our store, we offer a great selection of Pet Naturals supplements, including favorites like:

  • Pet Naturals Calming Chews: Help your dog mellow out and stay calm with these holistic bone shaped chews that support stress reduction through a Colostrum Calming Complex and vitamins.
  • Pet Naturals Digestive Support: Does your pooch have a sensitive tummy? If so, then this supplement is a must-have. Great for soothing troubled tummies that some dog breeds tend to have, Pet Naturals Digestive Support is a great probiotic for your pet.
  • Pet Naturals Hip + Joint: Your dog is active and with all of that activity comes wear and tear on the joints. Ensure that your dog maintains his joints with these tasty glucosamine chews.

All of these natural pet supplements are a great way to care for your pet. Plus, we’ve also found that doing something good for your dog’s health can have a positive effect on your own!  Pets are great for lowering stress and blood pressure, plus they can help you stay active. Who’s up for a walk in the park?!