Ox Bile for Gallbladder HealthA healthy gallbladder is a happy one – so why do so many of us seem to have gallbladder problems?

Well, for one thing, most of our diets are awful. The gallbladder is designed to store bile and aid the body in digesting fat, but in the modern world, our diets are riddled with high levels of cholesterol and fats from animal protein and hydrogenated oils. All of these things can saturate bile and make your gallbladder work overtime – and over time, the gallbladder can’t keep up, so excess cholesterol starts to calcify. These are gallstones – and if you’ve ever had one, you already know it’s not fun.

Gallstones are a common problem in America because of our diets. So many of us tend to eat overly fatty foods and as a result, our gallbladders become overworked and way under appreciated. So, what can you do to take care of your gallbladder? Here are a few of our recommendations:

Cook with healthier oils. For most of us, we’re probably overloading on vegetable or canola oils. Instead, switch to coconut oil or even olive oil for cooking, as both have their own sets of benefits.

Try peppermint. Peppermint oils, teas, etc. have been long used for aiding in better digestion. They can also stimulate bile production, which can help your gallbladder.

Get cozy with dandelion. Dandelion, while a week, can be a powerful herbal aid. Not only does dandelion help cleanse the liver, but it can also support a healthier gallbladder. To get it, add young dandelion greens to salad or try dandelion tea, or even a supplement that contains dandelion.

Go for a gallbladder support supplement. At OVitaminPro, we carry a variety of gallbladder supplements that are designed to help with regulating and supporting your bile production as well as the healthy function of your digestive system. Supplements like Bilemin, Lypomin, Metacrine, and Ox Bile can help. Check out our gallbladder support page to learn more about these supplements as well as other ways to care for your gallbladder.

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