Glutatione Patch

Glutatione Patch

Much hype followed the introduction of glutathione supplements, and it is difficult for most people to determine fact from fiction. Is this substance capable of reducing cellular damage, improving the appearance of skin, and detoxifying the body? Does it work the same with any form of the supplement? What is the natural role of glutathione in the body?

Glutathione is made by the liver to prevent re-absorption of toxins excreted through the bile. Like most products of the body, production declines with age and plays some role in the aging process. Studies show it is a critical antioxidant built using selenium and vitamins B6, E, and C. It is capable of removing heavy metals and preventing over-active immune response in the presence of foreign proteins.

Now, getting more glutathione into your body as it depletes with age can be a challenge – but we have several options that can help:

  • Glutathione SR is the capsule form. People suffering dietary deficiency or digestive irregularities do not absorb glutathione well through the intestines; therefore, a supplement like Glutathione SR can help.
  • The Glutathione Patch from Lifewave is a unique product. Unlike traditional glutathione supplements that simply add it to the body, the patch works by stimulating the body to produce more natural glutathione.
  • Like all antioxidants, glutathione burdens itself with toxins before elimination from the body. The Glutathione Recycler works by helping each molecule of glutathione rid itself of toxins and return to circulation.

Now these are just a few options for boosting glutathione. Depending on your specific needs, you may want to pursue one supplement from this list or use more than one in conjunction with your health and wellness plan. Consult us (we offer free counseling for our supplements) for more information or to learn more about glutathione supplements and how they can aid in improving health.