This a such a great testimonial I had to share it with all of you. It shows you what a little lab test with the proper application can produce! Thank you Cynthia L. for sharing your testimonial with us!

I fully recommend the products, support, and professional recommendations of this website. My story is a typical one most of us have endured at one time in our life or another. A few years ago I was living in chronic stress over an extended period of time. I was depressed, completely stressed out, frustrated, full of anxiety, couldn’t sleep very well, and a dull mental focus. My lab reports showed my white blood cell count was very low, my cholesterol higher than it had ever been and I was border line pre-diabetic. I also had hypothyroidism and ended up on thyroid medication. I was always an athletic and lean person but my weight shot up to unacceptable numbers. All of this and entering menopause at the same time. I always considered my self very healthy, ate very well, exercised regularly and had a pretty good out look on life. I removed myself from the stressful situation and thought these things would remedy themselves. But, it all seemed to be still simmering just below the surface.


I waned to get my hormones tested but it was recommended to have my adrenals checked first. The test available on this website is very comprehensive and tested far beyond what my regular doctor tests for. I found out that my adrenals were definitely shot, cortisal hormone way up and many of my neurotransmitters depleted.

Recommendations were made based on this test and my regimen started with first addressing the low grade virus I had for many years that was keeping my white blood cell count so low. I also took a product for my blood sugar and a support product for my pituitary that would assist my thyroid in better functioning. After being on these products for only a couple of months, I had another test and found that my blood cell count was back in the normal range and so was my blood glucose. And, my thyroid had come down enough to stop taking medication! I felt so much better! But I was still stressed out. I then began the neurotransmitter support products and almost immediately experienced a feeling of well being, calm and focus that I hadn’t felt in a long time! Wow! I felt good again. I lost the weight, got my mental focus back, no more stress and never did need to get my hormones checked. I understand now that unless you adrenals are balanced, it is almost impossible to balance any other hormones.

I have been taking the recommended products faithfully now for a little over a year and can’t imagine life without them. It’s great to be 53 years old and feeling better than I ever have!

Cynthia L.