Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on food, family, and creating memories. While stuffing yourself full of delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberries is a reoccurring Thanksgiving theme, there are ways to ensure your family stays healthy and still enjoys a delicious meal.

  • Don’t save your appetite for dinner. If you do, by the time dinner rolls around you’ll be so hungry that you’ll be more prone to overeating.
  • Serve foods on smaller serving dishes, which will encourage everyone to eat smaller portions.
  • Make water the preferred dinner drink, instead of sugary sodas. Not only is water healthier than soda, it also helps fill you up.
  • Cook with healthy ingredients. For example, steam vegetables, serve fresh fruit, and focus on seasonal ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, like pumpkin.
  • Eliminate some of the fat in the turkey by removing its skin before serving the bird.

If you think your family is going to have trouble with eating healthy this Thanksgiving, you can take control of some holiday meal problems with these suggestions:

  • For those family members who eat too fast or overeat, digestion supplements help to calm stomachaches and ease the digestion process.
  • After dinner, make sure you take a long walk. This is a great way to improve digestion and get your blood pumping after eating .
  • Probiotics are always a good thing to have in your diet, so factor them in before and after Thanksgiving dinner so you have a healthy gut environment from the start.
  • Eliminate cravings before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with cravings support supplements.

When you stay healthy throughout the holidays, it’s easier to stay healthy all year long. has all of the supplements you’ll need for your holiday meal. Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!