I have been reviewing a lot of diagnostic blood tests lately and seeing a lot of folks out there with digestive issues. Digestion is key to the over all health of your body. There can be many reasons for poor digestion. Two of the most common are imbalance of intestinal bacteria and low stomach acids that aid in digestion.

Some of the symptoms that might present themselves are acid reflux, excessive bloating, gas and belching.

Many people notice as they age that these symptoms tend to increase. The pharmaceutical companies are all over this. If you watch any television or read any magazines you have seen countless ads for Tums, Nexium and many others.

I prefer a more natural less complicated approach. First establish healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract with a probiotic supplement. Probiotics are natural healthy bacteria like lactobacillus that should out number the bad bacteria in your intestines. So many individuals have taken their fair share of antibiotics which destroy this delicate balance. Next consider taking a digestive enzyme that will help in balancing the stomach. I recommend the following products.

Apex Energetics has two products that are specific for digestion; Super Digest-Zyme and HCL-ProZyme. Take one to two of these three times a day with meals. I personally use the Super Digest-Zyme and love it!

Metagenics makes several great probiotics. I like both Ultra Flora Plus DF, LactoFlamX and Proboulardi.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy the eating with these great products!