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For a few months we have been offering a hemp extract lotion formula for muscle aches called Better Muscle Relief. We have been using this formula ourselves and have had excellent feedback from others. Results are often noticed within a couple of minutes.

This hemp extract cream is readily absorbed and is non greasy. The active ingredients are broken up into a nano state (super small), so it just doesn’t sit on your skin but passes quickly into the deeper layers where it can be effective.

For those of you already acquainted with hemp-derived products, this is not a big jump but something familiar. If you haven’t used a hemp-derived product, you might hesitate a bit, but don’t let a few decades of propaganda scare you away.

In the early 1900s hemp was used to make paper, rope, fabrics, and many other things. Hemp was targeted by industrialists to secure their own profits. W.R. Hearst owned vast areas of forests that he used to create paper for his newspaper industry. Hemp for paper threatened his wood-to-paper industry. DuPont invested heavily in synthetic fibers and manufacturer chemicals that helped turn wood into paper, so that was their profit motive to discourage the use of hemp.

Hearst began a serious media campaign to alarm the general public about hemp. I was going to give some examples of what these “creative and alarmist” articles and movies portrayed, but decided you can look it up if you want to know more. You will find the sensational lies disturbing, but like a well-planned propaganda campaign, it was too effective.

After a decade of Hearst pounding the public with his fake news, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics had the ammo it needed to declare hemp and marijuana illegal.

Hemp farming was officially banned in 1970 and was included as a schedule 1 drug meaning:
– High potential for abuse
– No accepted medical treatment
– Lack of accepted safety for use even under medical supervision

Finally in December of 2018, after decades of effort by thousands of people, hemp (and hemp-derived products) are legal at the federal level for cultivation, transport, and sale.

When we say “derived products,” we tend to think of CBD or cannabinoid. CBD is often referred to as hemp extract, as this is the non-psychoactive component of this type of plant as opposed to THC, which gives a type of high.

The World Health Organization has looked into the issue of safety of hemp extract (CBD) and stated unequivocally that this 100% natural plant compound is “safe, well tolerated and not associated with any significant adverse public health effects.”  They went on to say that this hemp extract (CBD) is “not associated with abuse potential, it does not induce physical dependence and is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile.”

The WHO is being as clear as they can to say that hemp extract (CBD) is not only safe, but has been shown to be effective in treatment for many conditions such as epilepsy and may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions.

One danger that we can see with purchasing hemp extract (CBD) is that it is the Wild West out there with a mix of honest companies doing their best to deliver quality products, and those who are less scrupulous will make claims and sell products with little or no active ingredient and/or contaminants like pesticides and herbicides. As always, it is best to stick with reputable sources. We at OVitaminPro always do our best to make sure you are getting the products you need to help move your health forward. We are not big fans of making extravagant claims to convince the unwary that they should buy a shoddy product. We like to be more understated and let the products speak for themselves.

With that being said, we are happy to recommend Better Muscle Relief hemp extract cream for treating pain, inflammation, and sore joints and muscles.