It’s that time again. The Holiday Season is upon us. This time of year is always a challenge for us to eat healthy and get our exercise routine in. With Christmas parties and family obligations we usually gain weight and turn to the medicine cabinet for Tums, Nexium or other pharmaceuticals.

Here at Ovitaminpro we have some good news that will help you through these dietary challenges. Digestion is the key word here. What can you take to get you through some of the not so good eating choices?

There are three products I would highly recommend. All three are from Apex Energetics.

Super Digest-Zyme is not only good for a daily digestive enzyme but works extremely well for those of us who may overeat at social functions. It helps the body extract the minerals it needs and aids in the breakdown of most food types. It especially supports digestion for high starch and high sugar meals, so typical during this festive season.

Glutenflam is a one of a kind gluten digestive aid. It is a powerful gluten digestive enzyme that aids in the digestion of gluten and its inflammatory response to the body. I usually suggest one tablet before bed on an empty stomach, just in case you accidently ingested gluten you did not know about ; for example eating out in a restaurant. Otherwise I recommend one to two with each meal if you plan on eating gluten during the Holidays.

HCL- ProZyme is another great choice with high levels of Betaine HCL it is perfect for a daily digestive enzyme. We recommend HCL-ProZyme for those showing a decreased ability to digest proteins. This usually comes with age and can often be seen in blood work. It is one of our best sellers.

Be prepared with some digestive support through this Holiday season. Don’t let an upset stomach or heart burn dampen your Holiday spirits.

This wonderful season reminds us to give thanks for the good things in life. We here at Ovitaminpro give thanks for all our wonderful customers. It is our passion and reason for being to partner with our customers in their pursuit of better health.

Here’s to good health throughout the coming year!