As this pandemic works its way into our lives, I wanted to take a look at what people are ordering. In general, I have been encouraged by what I have been seeing. By that I mean, people seem to be choosing supplements that should make a difference. We are big on the use of vitamin C, zinc, NAC and vitamin D for basic immune support. We were happy to see sales for all of these items during this crisis.

Type O Blood Type Lower Rates Of Infection.

One trend we didn’t see coming was the demand for blood typing kits. Very recent studies in China have suggested that type A blood type people were more susceptible to COVID-19 than non A types with type O having the lowest rate of infection. This may mean that type O people probably got infected at the standard rate but were more likely to be asymptomatic. 

We have seen a large bump in sales of zinc with DaVinci Immuni-Z Lozenges being the biggest seller with Karuna Zinc Picolinate (my personal favorite) a distant second. 

Next up on the immune front is vitamin C. Our best seller is Metagenics Ultra Potent C 1000. Then Perque Potent C Guard Powder. These formulas also include zinc for an extra immune boost. Next was my personal favorite Ecological Formulas C-1000 Non Corn Capsules. A lot of C is corn derived. In a good lab the vitamin C is highly purified so those corn proteins should be long gone. But just to be sure, I personally use the EF Non-Corn most of the time but don’t go all OCD about it.

Monolaurin a Surprise for Immune Support

Another surprise for us was Ecological Formulas Monolaurin. This is a form of lauric acid that has long been used for immune support. During normal times we sell a little of this but found this particular formula to be in high demand these last couple of weeks.

We also had trouble keeping a couple of elderberry formulas in stock. The most popular items were Karuna Elderberry Extract and Now Elderberry Liquid Concentrate. Again we sell some of these formulas throughout the year but the last two weeks, these clearly in the top 10.

We saw modest increases in NAC and vitamin D orders but not to the extent of Monolaurin or Elderberry. Popular NAC formulas are NuMedica or Protocol NAC. The vitamin D formulas were widely mixed with no clear favorite but we often recommend Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D 5000

Keep Up the Good Work

Keep up the good work. Support your immune system with these quality supplements, for the next few months especially. Keep up the basics, NAC (with ALA), vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C throughout the year and your body will thank you.