GI Repair Kit

GI Repair Kit

The human gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is a very complex system of organs. All of these organs work together to process the food we eat so that we can be nourished and provided with the energy we need to survive. The digestion process also involves creating waste for our bodies to eliminate.  It’s very important to keep your GI tract working properly, since it is responsible for keeping your body safe from contaminants and other harmful toxins that people are exposed to on a day to day basis.

If you think your GI tract isn’t working the way it should be you could be experiencing symptoms like energy loss, anxiousness, bloating, recurring pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating and other similar symptoms. Luckily, can help bring your GI tract back into balance. Our NeuroScience NEI GI repair kit is a 6 week program designed to provide your GI tract the support it needs to begin working properly again.

Each NEI GI repair kit includes 360 capsules of GI Barrier Repair, 60 capsules of GI Reset, and 60 capsules of Recolonize-1: Th1 Inhibitor. This system includes the three R’s of GI repair – repair, reset, and recolonize.

Here are some other ways you can improve your GI tract, in addition to treating your symptoms with a GI repair kit.

  • Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Not only is water good for improving your GI tract, it also improves many other bodily issues and aids in the removal of waste products at a cellular level.
  • Avoid eating processed foods or foods that normally give you digestive difficulties, which can strain your GI tract.
  • Get enough fiber by boosting your intake of fresh fruits and veggies. Fiber is a key element to proper digestive function.

You can learn more about our GI repair kit, and other ways to improve the health of your GI tract at