At, good health is important to us, not just in our own bodies, but also in the bodies of our furry friends! If you love your pet and want to give him or her a better quality of life, you may want to think about utilizing pet supplements that we provide in our selection.

Pet supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps that most pet foods seem to leave out. If you have a pet that seems to smell, itch frequently, or who might not be getting the right nutrition, supplementation could be the answer for you. Luckily, at, we carry a full line of pet supplements from Pet Naturals of Vermont to help you get started.

As a new addition to our offering of pet supplements, is pleased to announce that we now carry cat supplements in addition to our array of dog supplements! Dogs and cats alike both deserve a high quality of life and supplementation can help a wide variety of pet problems ranging from stinky smells to hairballs. Plus, with Pet Naturals of Vermont supplements, you can trust that you’re getting a natural solution that can work with your pet’s chemistry from the inside out to enhance the overall quality of life.

If you have a dog, you already know that we carry a great array of supplements to improve skin, coat, and digestive health. However, if you have a cat, be sure to check out our new selection of cat supplements to help with everything from hairballs to calming your kitty down.

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