Years ago, someone asked the question of David Schmidt about LifeWave patches and the effects of X-rays at airport security. The research at the time suggested that they were unaffected. I am not sure how many times the test patches were subjected to X-ray but I would like to share my story.

I have been using the Glutathione Patches since they were introduced some 6 years ago or so. I have always been subject to frequent colds (maybe 3 per year) and maybe one sinus infection every year or two as a result. These colds were the usual 10 days to weeks in duration with one more week for my upper respiratory swelling to normalize. After beginning the patches I noticed that I was getting fewer colds and those I did get dramatically reduced in severity. Sometimes I would wake up at 3 a.m. with a sore throat, get up and put on a Glutathione patch, go back to sleep and wake up like nothing happened! Woo Hoo!

As time went on, I notice that I would still get colds or flues but they would be so mild that they were almost inconsequential.

Recently we had a trip to the East Coast from our home near Lake Tahoe. Travel time takes up the majority of two days with a three day stay. Then we came back and went right to a family reunion. Knowing that this would all be stressful, I was careful to use my Glutathione Patches at least every other day during the entire trip and for a week after I got home.

We arrived home late Sunday and by Tuesday I was feeling the effects of a minor cold. By the weekend, it was a full-blown beast and I missed the entire next week of work at the clinic. By the next weekend, it was becoming obvious that this could easily turn into a sinus infection which it did.

I was perplexed. I hadn’t had this type of problem for many years. What went wrong? Then I realized that I keep a pack of Patches in my travel bag so I am sure to have some. Some of these had probably been through airport security X-ray 10 times. My best guess is that these patches retained only part of their potency and wasn’t enough to keep my stressed body’s glutathione levels up high enough to make me cold resistant.

My suggestion is to keep the patches on your person in a pocket or have them hand inspected as you go through security. We did that in the early years without incident but got lax as the years went by. No more. I will be vigilant to keep the patches safe so they can do their job.