I love fresh beginnings! We are entering a new year, a new decade and a perfect time for goal setting. A recent survey showed the number one New Year’s Resolution is “eat better” or “lose weight”. With that in mind I wanted to touch on a few things in this month’s blog. As well as letting you know we have some great products to curb those cravings!

There are three key components to weight loss; caloric intake, physical activity and toxicity.

  1. The best way to monitor caloric intake is to start your morning by not skipping breakfast. Eat a sensible breakfast, balance protein, carbohydrates and fats. Choose fats that are mono-saturated, like olive oil and avocados. Eat smaller portions but more often. I recommend five small meals a day.
  2. Increase your physical activity to 30 minutes a day. Even a brisk walk does the trick!
  3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day this helps flush the cells and release toxins. Also eating or taking anti-oxidants like Glutathione is helpful.

NeuroScience has a great new product Daxitrol, which is a blend of amino acids. It is very helpful with food cravings as well as suppressing appetite. It is completely natural and contains no stimulating products like ephedra.

Lifewave also has a new SP6 patch which controls craving and suppresses appetite by activating specific acupuncture meridians. Also from Lifewave are their Glutathione patches that naturally increase blood glutathione therefore removing toxicity from the body.

Blood sugar control is often a problem with weight loss and Apex Energetics has two products that we have found helpful, Proglyco-SP and Adaptocrine.

This can be the year that you make your goals a reality especially now that we have some wonderful products to help you along. We at Ovitaminpro are here to partner with you in your health success!