National Diabetes Awareness Month is observed in November every year to focus on diabetes and its effect on millions of individuals. This annual observance was put in place to make people aware of this disease and provide information on how to manage it or support friends and family who have been diagnosed. Diabetes education is important for those whmanageo have just been diagnosed, as well as those who have been managing it for years. It is an ongoing experience that can help eliminate more serious issues from developing down the road. For the friends and family of a loved one with diabetes, their support can help cope with the daily demands of living a healthy lifestyle with diabetes.

In order to stay on track with successfully managing diabetes, sometimes it takes more than simply following a particular diet or cutting out certain foods. Supplemental products from brands like Integrative Therapeutics promote healthy blood sugar metabolism support. For example, the Integrative Therapeutics Glycemic Manager is a dietary supplement that will work to maintain a healthy level of blood glucose, which is critical to overall health.

Glycemic Manager offered by Integrative Therapeutics supports a healthy glycemic response with an effective combination of ingredients that will quickly move glucose from the blood to the body cells. When taken twice daily with food, or as recommended by a healthcare professional, the rate of after-meal sugar metabolism increases by 78%.

To learn more about managing diabetes by incorporating healthy living styles into your life or to help a loved one manage their diabetes, contact us today. We will be more than happy to offer assistance in finding the right supplements to promote healthy blood sugar levels today!