Our livers are the cleansers of our body, and as such, it’s important to be sure that we’re caring for the liver properly. If you’re concerned about natural ways to cleans and care for your liver, be sure to check out liver supplements and products that contain these natural ingredients:

Milk Thistle: This herbal remedy encourages good liver function through the presence of silymarin, a compound that protects the liver by inhibiting substances that could cause cell damage. Silymarin in milk thistle also stimulates cell regeneration and liver repair after being damaged, as well as the preservation of glutathione levels in your body.

Globe Artichoke: This herbal remedy contains compounds called caffeylquinic acids, which can regenerate liver cells and assist in healthy liver function.

Dandelion Root: This liver cleansing plant has been studied extensively for its medicinal properties and most recently, the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism noted that dandelion root has regenerative properties that can aid in health concerns ranging from indigestion to jaundice and liver swelling.

Turmeric: If you’ve ever eaten Indian cuisine, you’ve likely crossed paths with this spice. Turmeric is known for regenerating liver cells, aiding in the cleansing of toxins, and reducing inflammation.

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