OMega 3 TabletsNail care can be a frustrating issue that makes many women feel less feminine when they are unable to keep long, well-manicured finger nails. Many people then search for alternatives, such as natural nail care methods that can help boost nail growth for optimum results. Here are a few tips for natural nail care that can help you see the long and strong nails you’re yearning for!

  1. Foods You Eat – Some foods can give you a boost when it comes to nail growth. Some of these include cauliflower (which contains biotin, great for nail growth) and flax seed. You can add flax seed to foods such as yogurt, cereal or even your morning protein shake. The benefits are outstanding, especially when it comes to nail growth!
  2. Argan Oil – This natural oil is perfect for smoothing onto your nails daily to promote healthy cuticles which lead to the success of nail growth. Argan oil also provides much needed hydration to your nail beds and keeps them from feeling brittle.
  3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Many natural methods include dietary supplements. A common thread can be omega 3 fatty acids and calcium. This will help minimize inflammation in your nail bed, which will then nourish the cells that give rise to your nail plate. Consider Omega 3 tablets. These super supplements can encourage hair and nail growth at accelerating rates!

The next time you’re looking to supplement your nail care routine, try to incorporate Omega 3 tablets in order to boost nail growth. Take a look at the large selection of these supplements and more available in one convenient place –!