Headache Remedies | Apex EnergeticsSuffering from chronic headaches can be debilitating. It’s hard to function in your daily life when you are dealing with the intense feelings and other problems that come along with having a headache. The OVitaminPro team has done some research and has found some great natural remedies to help you get rid of your headaches:

  • Lavender Oil – Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and can be ideal when you are dealing with tension headaches. You can boil lavender oil and inhale its vapors or you can apply oil to a pillow or pouch that you can enjoy while lying down.
  • Feverfew Supplements – Clinical trials have shown that feverfew, a member of the daisy family, has been shown to help with headaches. In fact, the ancient Greeks used it for a variety of pain-related issues.
  • Improve Your Diet – The things you eat could be related to the headaches you are having. Take a look at your diet and watch what you are eating. It has been shown that eating meat with lots of nitrates, dairy items, too many sweets, or salty foods can cause headache issues. It’s a great idea to cut these foods out of your diet for a variety of reasons, including putting an end to headaches.
  • Massage – Anyone who has ever received a professional massage knows that it can help release some of the stress and tension you may be having in your system. Make an appointment with a professional and you may notice that your headaches will start melting away!

In addition to using these methods, OVitaminPro offers a wide array of supplements and vitamins to help you fight headaches, including options from Apex Energetics.