Natural Sleep Aids | OVitaminProIf you’re experiencing trouble falling asleep, you know how frustrating it is to find a sleep-inducing routine or products to help you doze off. With natural sleep aids like Kavinace from the NeuroScience brand, getting to sleep and staying asleep will no longer seem like a daunting chore.

Kavinace contains Phenibut, which supports GABA receptors, as well as Taurine and B6. In addition to sleep problems, it has been linked to effectively address such symptoms as anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability and stress. Kavinace works to support and maintain melatonin, GABA and serotonin levels that are all important factors in an adequate sleep cycle. Kavinace may be taken throughout the day to help regulate anxiety and at night to promote healthy sleeping. The nighttime formula, Kavinace Ultra PM, provides a very calming effect, supporting the primary neurotransmitters involved in a good night’s sleep.

Because it serves to balance neurotransmitters, Kavinace will calm your brain and induce a state of sleep. Kavinace Ultra PM is known to deliver a full night’s rest that won’t leave you feeling tired in the morning. Use of natural sleep aids is a great way to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day. To learn more about Kavinace and how it may help you find your way to a true sleep each night, check out Dr. Dan’s recommendations here. Have other questions related to Kavinace and how it can work for you? Contact us today – 1-877-465-0844.