New Year New YouToday’s post is a guest post from Susan Allan, a Life Coach, Marriage and Divorce Coach, certified mediator, and wedding officiant who has made very generous offer to those who want to kick off 2013 in a healthy way. Read her post and be one of the first 50 to enter for a complimentary one hour telephone session with Susan. It’ll be the perfect way to start the new year off right!

This is the “Now or Never” time of year when we each consider our life and imagine our future. Why do we create New Year’s Resolutions?  Why is this the one time each year when so many of us focus on our goals and how to reach them? The New Year’s celebration is the earliest recorded holiday and began in ancient Babylon about 4,000 years ago. Then the Romans began New Year’s Resolutions in 153 BC. They placed Janus, a mythical king, at the head of the calendar for the month of January. With two faces, looking forward and backwards simultaneously, Janus inspired early Romans to look for forgiveness from their enemies and also to look forward and celebrate the New Year with Resolutions and the rest of us have been making and breaking Resolutions ever since! Where would we be today if we had kept all our New Year’s Resolutions from previous years? Most of our goals include special effort, determination, and focus on finance, love, career, and health goals. If we ate the salads and avoided the cakes each Christmas what would we weigh today? If we watched the shopping what would our bank balances reflect?

With a deeper degree of focus and determination we can reach the goals we desire and with more mindfulness we can make the best decisions each and every year; but how do we do that? Isn’t it true that we can either have the life we want or all the reasons why not? This New Year you can make the best Resolutions so that you live your preferred Destiny, beginning today. What are the best steps to support success and to avoid the slippery slope? Here are the basics of Goal-reaching Skills® based on Heartspace Solutions®, Herrmann Brain Dominance™, and Nonviolent Communication®; I look forward to hearing from you so that you make the best Resolutions and keep them, too!

  1. Clarify your needs: Focus and prioritize what you want, not on what you want to change. Even those suffering from addiction become motivated to rehab when they get clear about their preference for physical and financial survival. Do you need more money, more health, more love, more companionship, more work, more fun, or more peace? Now put them in order of importance and urgency.  Analyze each key need: Does more money mean more earnings and what form of earning is most practical; does more health mean elimination of a disease or condition; does more love mean a new relationship?
  2. Create the best Goal-reaching® language which contains a date (day/month/year), a number(s) or a $ amount:
    • By  /  /2013 I receive $____
    • By  / / 2013 I am hired as a ____ and receive $    per year gross
    • By  /  / 2013 I feel healthy 24 hours each day
    • By /  / 2013 my new partner and I declare our love for each other
    • By / /2013 my partner and I are married and thrilled with our new life!
  3. Review your feelings and the people who can help you get there. Avoid the emotional roller-coaster that makes you happy and then sad; each moment of sadness is like putting on the hand brake in the middle of a long drive! Big goals require big skills including motivating and inspiring others when you speak!
  4. Action Plans: Are you moving the action forward or backwards; are you clearly requesting what you need? Have your past actions produced past goals or do you repeat strategies that have been unsuccessful in the past, expecting the results to be different now?
  5. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT your Goals and see your new life!

As a Life Coach, as America’s leading Marriage and Divorce Coach, a certified mediator and a wedding officiant, clients are attracted to Heartspace Solutions® that promote a peaceful and productive life, living your purpose and motivating others so that your needs and their needs are met.

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