With Thanksgiving just three days away, we’re sure you’ve got turkey on the brain, as well as all the things you have to be thankful for this year! Family, friends and health top our list! While we focus on our good fortunes this November, we also need to spend a little time talking about diabetes, as November is National Diabetes Month. Below, Dr. Dan talks about the costs, both personal and financial, as well as preventive steps to avoiding diabetes when possible!

Dr Dan:

Diabetes has been on the rise and public health researchers are predicting a continued rise over the next few decades. That means that you or someone you love could be affected.

The cost of treatment of diabetes is not trivial for your personal budget or the national budget. Costs for the nation are expected to triple, from about $113 billion per year, to something closer to $340 billion. That’s a lot of pizza and beer!

That number is so huge that only a pharmaceutical company or hospital chain could comprehend it. If this were somebody else’s money you could quit reading this article and go on to something more fun. Problem is, you are going to get stung with paying for some of this whether you personally contract diabetes or not. Of course with diabetes, your financial commitment will increase dramatically, along with fallout from other health consequences.

In most cases, it isn’t that hard to protect your health. First you will need a simple shift in attitude. The trend in medicine is to wait until the disease develops and then begin a heroic treatment plan. We can spot many problems before they happen with a routine blood test. If you prefer to wait and see, the disease industry will be very happy because they stand to make a lot of money at your expense. Prevention isn’t free but is far cheaper than disease treatment.

So with these routine blood tests that have been around since at least the 1950’s, you can spot the danger before it becomes a monster and begin taking action. We can order a blood test for you in 49 states (New York is the exception) and we will review it with you at no charge.

The science of supplementation has advanced dramatically in the last couple of decades. We are used to seeing nice changes in the blood work with respect to blood sugar after using products like Apex Energetics Glysen and Protoglysen for a couple of months, along with cutting back on the junk food.

I want you to determine that you aren’t going to be in those horrendous diabetes statistics. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, drop us a line and we will walk you through it. Prevention is way cheaper than treatment, both in dollars, misery and in suffering.

Dr. Dan and I wanted to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and to thank you for choosing OVitaminPro.com. One of things we are thankful for this season is all our faithful customers and clients!