Breast Cancer AwarenessOctober is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It’s important that women everywhere understand that they are at risk for breast cancer and to know what they can to fight it. Our staff has come up with some great ways to lower your risk:

Exercise and Stay Fit – It should go without saying that maintaining a healthy weight and staying active are the best, most natural ways to lower your risk of breast cancer. The older you get, the more weight can affect you in a negative way. Eating right and getting exercise keep the weight off and help decrease estrogen levels, lowering your risk.

Drink Green Tea – Green tea is not only a tasty beverage; it’s a great way to lower your risk of breast cancer. The antioxidants found in this tea are called catechins, which cause cancer cells to die in the same way normal cells die. Taking green tea extract pills is a wonderful idea.

Stay on a Regiment of Multivitamins – If you haven’t started taking a multivitamin regularly, now is the time to get on one! Women who want to lower their breast cancer risks should consider taking a multivitamin that is high in both vitamin D and antioxidants. Staying on a daily supplement guarantees that you’re receiving all of the nutrients you need every day.

Take Omega-3 Supplements – As we have said before, omega fatty acids have a variety of benefits. Not only do these supplements promote longevity, studies have shown that women who regularly take omega-3 supplements have a lower risk for cancer.

What other natural methods do you use to lower your risk of breast cancer?