I get many phone calls from people who are doing their best to feel better but are frustrated with the marginal results they are getting with their current health regimen. Unfortunately they have neither lab tests which can help target their issues nor a doctor who is willing to work with them. If they do find a doctor they begin with a plethora of vitamins and minerals grouping them together hoping to hit the problem. This ultimately leads to discouragement and low compliance because nothing is working. I call this the pray and spray approach to better health.
This is the reason we choose to work with companies like NeuroScience, Apex and Metagenics. These companies have spent countless hours on research and development to produce products that have consistent and concise formulations that work when applied appropriately.
Today we will focus on NeuroScience. NeuroScience was created by Dr. Gottfried Kellermann who has over 35 years of experience in the field of human genetics and medical diagnostics. He realized that the current approach to the health of our nervous system was not being properly addressed. He began developing new ways to test neurotransmitter function and developed specific formulations that would address issues like insomnia, anxiety, panic disorder etc. We have found his formulations powerful and effective.

I am often asked the difference between Dr. Kellerman’s formulas for Serotonin support.
Here are a few simple differences that might help you understand which one is right for you. People who have low serotonin might experience symptoms like low mood, sleep difficulties, uncontrolled appetite, headaches, and lack of mental clarity.
Serene: supports serotonin with 200 mg of 5-HTP (the pre-cursor to serotonin) using cofactors such as calcium citrate, vitamin C, folic acid and B6. It tends to be recommended more for people who suffer more from depression than anxiety.
SerenePlus: Is similar to Serene but with a little more extra punch for those who have consistent issues with anxiousness. It contains things like theanine, folic acid, 5-HTP and B12.
Travacor: Travacor like Serene and SerenePlus also contains 5-HTP and theanine. It is great for people with trouble sleeping or a constant state of anxiousness. Travacor also contains the amino acid taurine which contributes to the calming effect of the nervous system.

We have often been approached by other companies offering remedies and claiming they have products for neurotransmitter support. But no one has come close to the quality and effectiveness of NeuroScience. This is why Ovitaminpro.com uses these formulas. They are specific and they work!