To continue on our summer theme, we know that most people like to go to the beach for their vacations.  We don’t blame you!  There’s sunny beaches, warm waters, fishing, jet skiing, whale watching, and great seafood.

Seafood is part of what makes a summer vacation so enjoyable because it is sometimes hard to find authentic and tasty seafood the further inland you go.  There is just something about cracking into some crab legs, opening up some clams, and peeling your own shrimp.

Just a friendly reminder:  If you are someone who doesn’t eat a lot of seafood, make sure you check with your doctor about being tested for a shellfish allergy.  If you live inland, shellfish aren’t always an option for you to eat, so you may not be aware of whether or not you actually have the allergy.  The last thing you want is to be in a fancy restaurant while you suffer an allergic reaction.  So make sure you get tested.

Also, please make sure that if you are going to start taking any sort of supplements that you do your research to see what types of products are used to create the product.  For example:  Some companies actually use shellfish for their calcium source.  All of the supplements that you find at are clearly labeled though, so that way you always know what you are putting into your body.

Other than that, we here at wish you a “Bon Voyage!”  Don’t forget to take your vitamins and supplements with you while you are away!