Brunette sneezing in a tissue in the living room

Sinus problems and seeking sinus relief. If this is your issue, you are in good company as this affects a good portion of the adult population. It is difficult to get good stats on how many people suffer from sinus problems but if you are one of them, the most important stat is you.

Having seen a lot of these problems over the years, maybe I can offer some helpful insights and give you a tip or two that you will find useful.

First I like to think of sinus problems as part of your basic health system. That is to say that if you think of your sinuses as entities unto their own with issues that are not reflective of your overall health, you will probably have less success in long term management.

You should be thinking of general inflammation factors and try to control your diet and your environment as much as possible to help lower inflammation and obtain sinus relief. You will need to learn what foods might be aggravating your body so it is creating this inflammation in order to help defend itself. We like doing antibody testing to look for probably offending foods. Of course, you should be choosing organic, free range foods as much as possible. A couple of common food offenders are wheat and dairy.

Finding and eliminating environmental toxins that can affect your sinuses can be difficult but you should do the best you can. If you have the means, put in a couple of whole house water filters. One system that we like has one large filter for heavy metals like lead and mercury and another separate one for organic compounds like pesticides and herbicides. I am not a big fan of reverse osmosis if you have other options. I think good filters work better. If reverse osmosis is your only option, go with that, however. Taking a shower or bath in chlorinated water or water that has some level of metal or organic contaminates will take a toll eventually. Side note: the word organic means different things depending on the context.

Some people have sinus issues only during spring blooms. In these cases, you might do well with a decent air filter in your bedroom or other rooms where you spend a lot of time. Good filters are not cheap but can make a huge difference. Professional treatments like NAET and/or allergy shots can often make a difference.

If you are prone to sinus infections, you should do whatever you can to stay off antibiotics. These are tough on your intestines and will just set you up for more immune problems and could easily lead to more sinus infections. Sinus infections can make you feel pretty miserable so you will need a strategy to deal with the onset of an infection so it doesn’t progress to the point where your best option becomes an antibiotic treatment.

Many people have found great success with a SinuPulse. I like this system better than a neti-pot. A SinuPulse is a kind of like a water pik for your sinuses, that is it pulses the salt water solution into your nasal cavities and helps clear out the mucous and bacteria. I have seen sinus infection problems disappear with the strategic use of the SinuPulse. It seems that as you use this over the years, your sinuses get healthier and need less treatment and each progressive sinus infection resolves even more quickly.

Another help is an essential oil diffuser. People have discovered different combinations of oils for help with breathing but a good place to start is peppermint oil. My current favorite for a bedside diffuser is Homedics Ellia Rise. Just be sure not to fill it to the very top or it won’t work. It comes with a remote control that seems a little silly but I actually like it now that I have it.

Of course, we sell supplements at OVitaminPro so here are some ideas along those lines. The ones we see most helpful are things like Apex Turmero, Health Concerns Clear Air or maybe Apex Energetics Sinus Relief. You can search OVitaminPro for sinus and you will see a good variety of items to try. What works for one person may not for another so be sure to keep trying until you find the right combination for you.