How many of you are what we call ‘STRESSED OUT’? It seems everyone I talk to these days are worried or stressed about everything from their bank account to global warming. As a civilization we have advanced technologically faster than we have emotionally and physically evolved. Our human experience seems to dwell in the zone of chronic stress. One of the reasons we offer neurotransmitter testing is because so many of our patients and customers are experiencing stress related symptoms such as fatigue, anxiousness, insomnia, mood swings and a general feeling of malaise. Many people in desperation resort to drug therapy. They do not know there is a healthy natural way to relieve their symptoms and feel better. There are three current approaches to the treatment of these symptoms.
SSRIs and SNRIs (example: prozac, welbutrin) are selective reuptake inhibitors that block the action of transporters that move neurotransmitters from the synapse into the neuron thereby increasing levels of the respective neurotransmitter.
Benzodiazepines (example: xanax, valium) are receptor agonists and antagonists that mimic, enhance, or inhibit the effects of neurotransmitters.
Neurotransmitter Substrates (example: amino acids) enhance the synthesis of neurotransmitters, and thus the availability of neurotransmitter stores. I don’t know about you but this seems like the logical choice of the three.
One of the amino acids I’d like to highlight is a product by NeuroScience called CysNAC. Each capsule contains 90mg of high quality N-acetylcysteine, which plays a major role in the production of Glutathione. Our bodies will die withoutGlutathione. It is the toxin neutralizing amino acid essential to our longevity.
You are probably asking what toxins have to do with stress? They have everything to do with stress. The more stressed we become the more we increase the excitatory neurotransmitters causing more stress and anxiety. The higher the excitatory neurotransmitters get the higher the inhibitory transmitters work to attempt to balance things out. This process keeps us in a constant state of depletion, causing all the symptoms I previous mentioned plus the build up of neurotoxins in our bodies.
I can’t stress the importance of having your neurotransmitters tested. But if you can not do so at this time I would suggest taking CysNAC for better health and longevity.

Other products that work well with CysNac are the Lifewave Glutathione patches.