Supplements for Skin Hair and Nails | OVitaminPro.comThe stress of winter can play a great role in our overall appearance – our hair may be looking dull and feeling thin, our nails may be looking a bit brittle, and our skin may be looking less than glowing. There’s no doubt about it – as warm weather approaches, everybody wants to get back to feeling good and looking great! If you’re feeling a bit drained after a long winter season, consider reaching for the benefits of some essential beauty-supporting supplements. With their support, you’ll be on your way to glowing skin, strong nails, and thick, shiny locks. Here are our favorite supplements for skin hair and nails:

Biotin: Biotin, present in bananas, is a B vitamin that offers support for healthy hair and nails. Take one Biotin supplement a day to reduce hair loss and strengthen nails. For an added bonus, this supplement supports a healthy metabolic system, which offers assistance as you get into shape for summer!

Fish Oil: A popular supplement, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil aids in maintaining strong hair and nails. Additionally, this supplement can help to boost the appearance of your skin, leaving it bright and glowing, perfect for those days spent lounging pool-side.

Black Currant Oil: Gamma-Linolenic Acid isn’t easily found in our food sources, although this fat supports healthy skin, hair and nails. Black Currant Oil is an excellent source of this gamma-linolenic acid, providing you with the stronger hair and nails and brighter skin that you’re after!

Iron: An iron deficiency is one of the prime causes of dull skin and brittle hair and nails. Iron supplements can provide you with this essential nutrient, leaving you with hair and skin that you love!

Boost your confidence after a long and cold winter by incorporating these supportive supplements into your daily diet. In no time at all you’ll be on your way to glowing skin, shimmering locks of hair, and long and strong nails!