OVitaminPro sunscreen sunblock vitamin d3It is the time of year where we really need to start thinking about skin protection.  In May, we observed Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and now in June we are experiencing longer days and more exposure to the sun.

Skin cancer is something that we constantly have to be aware of, as it is a growing problem.  Enjoying time in the summer sun is one of the highlights of summer, but we must take care to make sure we are not causing damage to ourselves.

According to this article by Dr. Hans R. Larsen, over exposure to the sun could help contribute to various types of cancer, skin lesions, cataracts, and the premature aging of the skin.  Although sunblocks do help prevent some of these issues, that does not mean that just because you are wearing sunblock that you are immune to the harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Although the sun’s rays do produce harmful effects, they actually do have some positive effects for the body.  The sun helps the body synthesize vitamin D3, which is difficult to find in most foods.  This vitamin is important in terms of keeping your immune and skeletal systems strong.  Low levels of vitamin D3 have been connected to cases of breast and colon cancer.  OVitaminPro.com has a vitamin D3 supplement that you can take if you would like to increase your D3 intake.

However, if you must be in the sun, it is important to use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or talc.  These two substances help to deflect the sun’s UV rays, rather than absorbing them.  Most over the counter sunscreens that have chemicals that seep into the skin upon contact, so make sure to read the ingredients of any sunscreen you may consider using.