Breast Health | Apex EnergeticsIn addition to celebrating Halloween in October, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month! During this time, it’s important for women all over the world to learn about breast cancer and what they can do to prevent it from becoming an issue. There are many different supplements you can take to keep your breasts healthy. Take a look at some of the selections and start some of these supplements if you are at risk for breast cancer:

  • Vitamin D – Many times we have talked about Vitamin D on this blog and it keeps coming up! Scientists have studied vitamin D and how it affected women and have discovered that women who had lower vitamin D levels were at an increased risk for breast cancer. For a variety of reasons, you should find out if you have low vitamin D levels and start taking supplements today.
  • EGCG – EGCG is a major green tea catechin that has been shown to suppress breast tumor growth. Studies are still in their early stages, but many people who are suffering from or at risk of breast cancer are now using this supplement to keep their breasts healthy. It has even been added to breast health multivitamin supplements.
  • Vitamin A – As women age, their breasts start to change. Taking Vitamin A is a great way to help protect your breast tissue against free-radical damage that could lead to bigger problems. Like EGCG, this vitamin is often found in breast health multivitamins supplements.

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