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Pre-Diabetes, Prevention and You

I just read an article about how most doctors miss the opportunity to treat pre-diabetics. With the abundance of information available to people today about common health issues, and how doctors are forced into the insurance model of healthcare delivery, I don’t think all the blame should be put on the doorstep of the average […]

More Good Reasons to Watch Your Blood Sugar

The brain normally uses glucose for energy. It can also use ketones as they body goes into starvation mode, but glucose is certainly preferred. To keep the brain healthy, it is important to keep your blood glucose at a healthy level. Diabetes has now been shown to also have a detrimental effects on the brain, […]

The Dangers of Diabetes

Why is National Diabetes Month right when we are heading into the holiday season? Our sugar and carbohydrate consumption increases exponentially as we move closer to the New Year! An awareness month serves a good reminder.  It is better that we are made aware of the dangers of adult onset diabetes (type 2 Diabetes) before […]