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The Dark Side of Breast Cancer Awareness

It appears that breast cancer has been with us for millennia. Writings from 3500 years ago in Egypt describe bulging tumors with no cure. Hippocrates addressed breast cancer as a humoral disease. He considered it to be an imbalance of humors with an excess of black bile. Galen in 200 CE also talked of excess […]

Breast Cancer, Vitamin D and Glyphosates

I did a little research to see what people are saying about breast cancer. I wanted to understand something about perceptions and misconceptions. The general thinking is that cancer was far more prevalent in times past and now, because of longer life expectancies, cancer rates must be down. Figuring out the truth about cancer rates […]

Stop Breast Cancer Before It Starts

As most of you know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything in the news seems to put the emphasis on early detection and medical breakthrough cures. I have a problem with that thinking. Main stream medical never thinks about prevention. The majority of cancer research money goes into pharmaceuticals cures and completely overlooks […]