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10 Common Misconceptions About Gluten Sensitivity

In just a few years, being gluten-free has gone from being some obscure concept to becoming the fastest-growing grocery store category. We are finding a nice supply of gluten-free foods in just about every store we have visited these last few years. We were recently in a small store in Akumal, Mexico and found gluten-free […]

Heart Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: Protect Your Cardiovascular System

Do you know what the most common first sign of heart disease is? If you guessed sudden death, you would be correct. Of course, not all people with heart disease have such a dramatic demise. Many suffer for years with decreased oxygen delivery to their heart and rest of the body, resulting in ever increasing […]

Gluten Sensitivity and Parkinson’s Disease

We’ve been busy expanding our health resources section and after getting your feedback, we’ve added something on Gluten Sensitivity and Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease is incredibly complex but this article should shed some light on how our genetics play a role in gluten sensitivity, as well as the development of conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. […]