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Foundational Principles To Staying Healthy

I just attended an online seminar on supplements and the Covid-19 virus. The most important take away for me was how we need to establish our foundational health principles now more than ever. In my 35 plus years in consulting clients on their nutritional needs I have never seen the phenomenon I am seeing now. […]

Staying Healthy In Scary Times

I want to give some basic immune guidelines for winter/spring 2020. Over the years we have experimented with a number of different approaches that have been effective against the flu, colds and other viruses. If you have developed a system that works for you, that is great! Keep using it. But if you find that […]

Boosting Immunity Starts at the Dinner Table

It’s true – you are very much what you eat and when it comes to your dietary choices, what you decide to put on your plate can actually affect how you deal with cold and flu season (it’s already in full swing). If you’re looking to improve your overall health and boost your immunity, consider […]