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According to research, Osteoporosis is the #1 killer of women over 60

Active and happy senior couple walking in the park

Osteoporosis – not much good we can say about osteoporosis (OP). I wouldn’t bother to bring it up if I didn’t have any ideas about how to lower your risk of osteoporotic bones and resulting fractures of too often early death. First, let’s talk about the magnitude of the problem. Both sexes are subject to […]

Heart Healthy Nutrition: 10 Things You Can Do with Your Diet

Ready to start caring for your heart? Here are 10 easy – and delicious – things that you can do with your diet to make it more heart-friendly: Up your intake of nuts, especially almonds, as they come packed with heart healthy nutrients. Try mixing almonds in with your oatmeal in the morning or snack […]

Have a Healthy Family Feast This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on food, family, and creating memories. While stuffing yourself full of delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberries is a reoccurring Thanksgiving theme, there are ways to ensure your family stays healthy and still enjoys a delicious meal. Don’t save your appetite for dinner. If you do, by the time dinner […]