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Lipitor Risks Vs. Benefits

Today’s topic is heart disease and statins such as Lipitor. Business Week has run some very fine and pointed articles about the practice of prescribing these in every increasing numbers. I am including some dates and article titles you will find interesting. From the glowing results touted in the Lipitor ads you would think that […]

Adrenal Answers

Due to many factors adrenal disorders are epidemic today. Diets high in food additives, trans-fats, refined carbohydrates and synthetic sweeteners play a huge role in the depletion of adrenal gland stores. Couple that with the constant stress of daily living and you have a recipe for adrenal disaster! The adrenals and pituitary glands are small […]

Feed your Head

Metagenics has come out with a wonderful product to support healthy brain function. Aging is a natural part of our life cycle but no one wants to age prematurely or loose any cognitive function of our brains. CogniSure seems to have an easy solution to some of these concerns. The Metagenics product is an all […]