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Serene, Travacor, SerenePlus

I get many phone calls from people who are doing their best to feel better but are frustrated with the marginal results they are getting with their current health regimen. Unfortunately they have neither lab tests which can help target their issues nor a doctor who is willing to work with them. If they do […]


How many of you are what we call ‘STRESSED OUT’? It seems everyone I talk to these days are worried or stressed about everything from their bank account to global warming. As a civilization we have advanced technologically faster than we have emotionally and physically evolved. Our human experience seems to dwell in the zone […]

CoQ10 The Superstar of Antioxidants

There are more and more studies emerging on the benefits of CoQ10. The bulk of studies have been on the effects CoQ10 has on cardiovascular disorders, including angina, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmias and survivability of patients with congestive heart failure. It should be absolutely mandatory to take CoQ10 for anyone taking cholesterol lowering medication or […]