Cyrex LaboratoriesAt, we’ve always been champions for clinical lab testing. Not only does lab testing give you a more accurate picture of what’s going on in your body as a whole, but it can also provide you with valuable feedback on which you can make important health decisions. When you’re considering switching to a gluten-free diet or taking a particular supplement, clinical services and lab testing can be powerful allies in making your decision.

Knowing what’s right for your body is key to maintaining good health, which is why it’s recommended that we use a variety of tests to determine what could be causing a particular health concern. Some of these tests can be ordered by your doctor. Other canbe pursued on your own. At, we offer several different options for lab testing to ensure that you get the right feedback. Testing options include:

Direct Laboratory Services, Inc.

Additionally, we use only the best in clinical service providers to ensure you get the tests you need as well as the most accurate results. We work directly with Direct Labs and Cyrex Labs for all of our neurotransmitter testing, cytokine testing, laboratory blood tests, and other clinical services. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription – we can order them because we’re licensed to do so, except in a few states. Once you have your results, you can take them to any doctor you choose, or you can always consult with us. We go over our client’s test results free of charge.

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