Intestinal permeability commonly referred to as “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, can be a major contributor to an overall poor state of health. Leaky gut syndrome occurs when there is a breakdown of the protective mucosal layer that lines the intestine. A breakdown of this barrier can allow food, toxins, and bacteria to enter the blood stream causing your immune system to react and affect the way you feel. There are numerous approaches to address leaky gut syndrome; common treatments include elimination diets, fasting, or nutritional supplements. Regardless of what treatment your healthcare practitioner chooses, it is important to remember that a leaky gut must be allowed to repair itself as part of a natural healing process. Targeted nutritional and clinical support for leaky gut syndrome is an effective way to heal the gut and improve overall health.

Learning the 3R’s of GI repair is a simple way to understand the healing process of a leaky gut.

Repair: The protective barriers of the intestine (mucous and tissue layers) must be reestablished.

Reset: The intestinal immune system must be stabilized to prevent further immune reactions that contribute to the cycle of intestinal permeability.

Recolonize: Your symbiotic microorganisms must be replaced in a manner that supports the immune system’s attempt to reset itself, and to prevent future damage.

The NEI Nutrition GI Repair System™ is the first packaged program that follows the 3R’s of GI repair. It is a 6-week program that first repairs the mucous layer with GI Barrier Repair™ which includes organic prickly pear, guar gum, and marshmallow root to sooth, protect, and repair the mucous and tissue layers.

Next, the intestinal immune system is stabilized to stop the viscous cycle of leaky gut with the GI Rest™ product. GI Rest™ includes zinc carnosine, querecetin, and rutin to repair the damaged tissue layer, and Andrographis paniculata, a little known Chinese botanical, to stabilize the immune system and reduce swelling throughout the body.

Finally, now that the mucous and tissue layers are repaired and the immune system is stabilized, the Recolonize-1: Th1 Inhibitor™ product is used to recolonize (re-grow) the symbiotic intestinal bacteria, a.k.a. friendly gut bugs. Recolonize-1: Th1 Inhibitor™ is formulated to reduce immune activity that contributes to the viscous cycle of intestinal permeability, while at the same time protects against harmful pathogens like Candida albicans.

Leaky gut affects not only the gut, but can also affect the way you feel, your energy levels, or your quality of sleep. Addressing leaky gut syndrome through a program that follows the 3R’s of GI Repair will provide greater benefits than most methods that attempt to provide a quick fix. An effective and scientific approach to GI health is one that respects and follows the body’s natural healing process.

Bradley Bush, ND