There are so many vitamins and minerals that our bodies need that it can become difficult to figure out ways to make sure we are receiving sufficient levels.  To make matters more difficult, some of the vitamins we need are found in very rare sources.

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One such example is Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is rarely found naturally.  The most accessible form of naturally occurring Vitamin D is sunlight.  Sunlight actually helps the body synthesize more Vitamin D, but one must remember the dangers that exist while being exposed to the sun.  Most people acquire this vital compound through Vitamin D supplements.

Why is Vitamin D so important?

Most people suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D.  When such a deficiency exists, the following conditions may eventually result:

-Faster disease development
-Parkinson’s disease

The benefits to taking Vitamin D supplements include:

-Relieves the symptoms of seasonal depression
-Preventing/slowing arthritis
-Reduces likelihood of heart attacks and strokes
-May help to prevent diabetes
-Helps develop a healthy immune system during childhood
-Regulates cell growth and differentiation which may prevent cancer
-Increased bone/skeletal system health