I just discovered the Krispy Kreme Challenge. In a nation of heart disease, cancer, chronic degenerative diseases, we celebrate eating a dozen donuts loaded with trans fats and throw in a 4 mile run to somehow give this a stamp of health. All of this is to benefit a Children’s Hospital. Hospitals are masters of crying poor mouth while simultaneously being one of the most profitable industries in history.

What’s wrong with this picture?? What’s right would be a shorter discussion. We live in America where we have the right to be stupid from time to time. If this were just a random event and people didn’t eat these poison pills each day it would be different. Truth is, donuts and similar foods interfere with intestinal health and fragments of these food breakdown products enter the blood stream, cross the blood brain barrier and attach to opiate receptors in the brain. Most notable are the wheat protein breakdown products. When your body begins to break down the opiate receptor and wheat protein complex, the person begins to crave that food again. This is truly an addiction. Some addictions are relatively benign, that is they won’t kill you that fast. An example might be coffee. This addiction is a killer, however. You might as well have a race where you run out, smoke five cigarettes and then run back. It wouldn’t be any less stupid.