Pea Protein Powder

Pea Protein Powder

Protein is a cornerstone of a healthy diet.  Protein helps to build strong muscles, and it provides long-lasting energy to boost metabolism and expedite weight loss.  From dieters to bodybuilders, protein plays a vital role in keeping a body healthy.  Common dietary sources of protein include meat and dairy, although there are some plant sources of protein as well.

Many people have a hard time getting enough protein, especially if they have food allergies or eat a vegan diet.  Most protein powders use sources like eggs or whey, which come from animal sources and cannot be taken by vegans.  Soy and wheat proteins, while vegan-friendly, pose their own problems.  Many people are allergic to soy and gluten, making these products dangerous.

An option for these people is pea protein.  As the name suggests, pea protein comes from finely ground dried peas.  Legumes, like peas and beans, are naturally high in protein, and they’re a common staple in many vegetable-based diets.

Many people like the nutritional benefits of legumes but dislike the taste or texture.  Using a pea-based supplement allows you to get the protein without needing to eat whole legumes.  The supplement can be any flavor, and you won’t even notice that it’s made from peas. Plus, it mixes in easily to other foods or beverages. It’s also allergy friendly and easy on the stomach.

If you want a boost of protein or have concerns over supplements that contain gluten, whey, soy, or eggs then try pea protein. Have questions about pea protein? Want to learn more? Give us a call or leave a comment with your question!