TurmeroFor over 2,500 years, turmeric has been used in India as a dye and the main ingredient in curry powder. This yellowish-brown colored spice has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries but recently, there has been increased interest and research into the natural power of turmeric. Most recently it has been shown to be an important part in preventing certain types of cancer.

The most active and beneficial ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin and its leading the way in some of the latest cancer fighting research. A new supplement in our selection, Turmero Active by Apex Energetics, has harnessed the power of turmeric and it’s now one of our best sellers. Not sure of about the power of turmeric? Here’s more.

Turmeric may:

  • Be able to help slow the spread of certain cancers, such as breast cancer.
  • Aid in preventing certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Slow or stop the growth of new blood vessels in certain tumors.
  • Be used as a wound antiseptic.
  • Detoxify the liver, treat psoriasis, and help with weight management.

Also, the spice has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain killer since ancient times.

Turmeric has truly demonstrated itself to be an amazingly powerful ingredient. Just do a quick search for studies on turmeric and you’ll see results like those listed above.

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