As we mentioned in one of our recent posts, allergy season is here and can be helped by taking an allergy supplement from, but that’s not the only thing you can do. If you want to cut back on the itchy eyes, sneezing, redness, sniffles, and irritation, there are several steps that you can take to ease allergies and keep them from getting worse.

The first tip is to avoid alcohol. According to a Swedish study, histamine in beer, wine, and liquor created in the fermentation process can cause or worsen certain allergy symptoms, especially in women. Red and white wine are common triggers for making allergies worse, so avoid them when yours start to flare up.

Reducing stress can also help you get a handle on your allergies. An Ohio State University study showed that stress hormones can boost blood proteins that cause allergic reactions. Staying calm can ease allergies, as well as reduce the other negative effects. Give yourself time to calm down and relax if you start to feel tense. It’ll help in the long run! Also you want to make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep lowers stress, keeps you feeling better overall, and can actually improve your body’s ability to deal with allergy symptoms.

Finally, you can take some extra measures to reduce the amount of allergens you come in contact with regularly. Be sure to vacuum your home regularly and make sure to wash your sheets and clothing to get off any pollen. Try taking a bath or shower before you go to sleep to keep any pollen out of your bedding.

How do you keep allergens at a minimum in your home?

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