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Spring is here, which means that summer is not too far behind. During the summer, most of us like to hit the beaches for some fun in the sun.

For some, the thought of getting back into the bathing suit can be frightening. But don’t worry, we have a list of a few tips you can try to get yourself back into beach body condition.

Stop Storing New Body Fat: This can easily be accomplished be eating smart, small, and well balanced meals every two or three hours. There are two main reasons why this becomes important. The first is that your body will eventually train itself to know that more food will be arriving in a shorter period of time, so the metabolism remains high. When you don’t eat for long periods of time, the body breaks down food at a slower rate, so that it doesn’t burn through all the energy all at once. So by putting a shorter amount of time between your meals, your body will learn that more food is on its way, so it better start burning calories. Secondly, if you have smaller and frequent snacks/meals you’ll be spreading out your calorie in-take, so you won’t have any extra calories to store.

Short Mini-Workouts: A lot of people assume that exercise means a heavy commitment to a gym. Not true. Short work outs once a day will help increase blood flow, circulation, and raise your metabolism. Plus they are convenient for you to do at home. Some ideas: run up your stairs then walk down, jumping jacks, high knees, jog in place, and power walking.

Stay Hydrated: Water is one of the key components to weight loss. Organs need water to function optimally. Make sure to get at least four cups of water a day. Tea and juice won’t help, because they usually contain sugar that will limit the amount of water that can be absorbed and used.

Progressive Exercise: As you start doing some work outs don’t be afraid to start small so that you can get used to your new lifestyle. But the work outs must eventually grow in duration and challenge. If your work out remains the same, your body will peak out at a certain level and no longer continue to change.

Fight Cravings: Eating smart is hard. Sweets and fatty foods although bad for you, taste great. Your going to need to stop eating these in large quantities if you want to get back into shape. One way to help fight your cravings is through the use of Daxitrol. This supplement is a regulated formula that helps people who are deficient in dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine. When these are properly regulated, you will have fewer cravings and can make smarter diet choices.

So by following these tips, you’ll have no problems at the beach this year.