Fighting FatigueAre you barely surviving the workday? Feeling groggy and sluggish with hours of work ahead of you? This lack of energy and feeling of overall tiredness can be signs of serious issues like depression, anemia or thyroid problems. However, these are not always the norm – sometimes cases of fatigue simply become evident as a result of poor health habits. The most common causes of fatigue are generally stress, lack of exercise and lack of sleep.

You can reverse the effects of fatigue and start to feel more alive and energetic throughout the day. There are natural supplements from brands like Douglas Labs that will work to fight the feeling of fatigue while you’re working, too.

This amino acid is known to improve cognitive performance. It’s most commonly found in foods in the form of collagen or the protein that forms connective tissue in animals. As a supplement, the recommended dose to fighting fatigue is 3 grams.

Here is another amino acid that will help. It works to improve your quality of sleep so that you will feel well rested each morning and ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Theanine pills can be taken about a half hour to an hour before going to bed. The optimal dosage is 150 to 200 milligrams.

This is yet another amino acid that will counteract stress hormones before they go too far. L-Tyrosine helps your body produce adrenaline and dopamine, helping to combat stress. Ideally, 500 to 2,00 milligrams of L-Tyrosine taken one hour before an event that you could potentially stress over can put you at ease.

If you’re ready to stop feeling so lethargic at work, consider these supplements from trusted brands like Douglas Labs. We can help you find natural ways to get your energy back and start feeling more productive in your daily tasks. Take a look at our selection of fatigue-fighting supplements today!