DeVana Wellness

Looking to give your own life a much needed push in the right direction? Look to the guidance and motivation of Ana Poirier, the inspiration behind her own blog, DevAna Wellness.  Ana’s list of accomplishments and occupations runs a long list from being a certified holistic health counselor, yoga instructor, massage therapist and chef, which are only naming a few!  With a huge focus on individualized cleaning and healthy meal plans, she helps other struggling with a balance health lifestyle the means and encouragement to make the necessary improvements to make their lives more worthwhile.  From blogging about Weight Loss & Mood to Sugar Free Challenges, look to her posts on ways to improve your own lifestyle.  Be sure to check out DevAna Wellness and familiarize yourself with all the services and support that Ana has to offer.  From holistic nutrition programs, to health and nutrition coaching, she has a ton of great resources to offer and we hope you find her site as fulfilling and informational rewarding as we did!

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